Digital oilfield ecosystem

Upstream to midstream, EnerHub empowers your team to take control of digital oilfield information sprawl, mine corporate knowledge for insights, and harness the power of big data for next generation data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

How EnerHub Works

Unstructured Data & Documents

Easily access all structured data sources through pre-built connectors, API, or direct connect to cloud or on-premise databases (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server).

EnerHub also provides complete management of unstructured data and documents, like well and land files, stored in enterprise content management systems (e.g., SharePoint).

Application Connectivity

Instantly access as much as 70% of disconnected departmental datasets while custom integrations are rapidly built to bring 100% of your digital oilfield ecosystem together.

More than a one-way street, EnerHub offers bidirectional connectors that can pull and push data back to subscribing systems.

Big Data Management

Easily navigate the increasing volumes, variety, and velocity of oil & gas data by processing large datasets, ensuring data quality, and managing by exception to bring data stewards into the loop when needed.

EnerHub sets your team up with the technology needed to reap the benefits of next gen data science, ML, AI, and advanced statistical analysis.

Well Lifecycle Management

Built on the PPDM data model, EnerHub streamlines data management across the well lifecycle, from pre-spud land management and well planning to drilling, production, accounting, and logistics.

Organize the chaos of disconnected software and project databases with the ability to create repositories to manage new types of data (e.g., ESG).

Cloud Architecture & APIs

EnerHub centralizes all of your critical business data securely in the cloud with powerful tools to aggregate multiple on-premise and cloud-based datasets.

Plus, our robust API enables your team to connect with internal and external data sources(e.g., vendors, customers) in powerful new ways.